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  • 10:03 Tue 11/26/2013
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This is just a really quick drawing I did. I was watching a documentary about Mermaids (its called "Mermaids: The Body Found" if your interested in watching it) and there was this one part were I knew this mermaid creature thing was going to move I just new it, it was video these two boys had anyway I was watching it and its hand moved that I could handle and then its whole head lifted up and it grabbed for one of the boys screaming and scared me half t death I swear I was hanging from the ceiling upside down just note I'm easily startled that's why this thing scared me so much but I just wanted to share this I plan on finishing it because I think it looks really funny :D

16:05 Tue 11/26/2013
I've seen 'Mermaids the body found' I was really scared when I first watched it, that bit when the mermaid was going to grab the two boys was really scary! The whole atmosphere they give it is so intense and make you feel ill-at-ease.

I was so terrified after watching it I was convinced that Mermaids existed. So much so that I was afraid to go toilet with the thought one was going to come out of it and attack me. XD But recently I found out that some of the events in the documentary where fictional, I think there's a list of the bits that where real on the internet somewhere, and it says in the credits at the end that they made some of the information up.

I think you should finish the sketch it looks great! And I like your Fursona's design. :)

23:08 Tue 11/26/2013
After I finished watching I didn't plan on sleeping anytime soon, that mermaid just frightened me so much. I'm making all my friends watch to see if they jump as high as I did :)

Once I get Photoshop I'm planning on doing the sketch up on there and I'm glad you like her design :p

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