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  • 04:46 Thu 10/31/2013
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I rarely find the time - or maybe more like energy - to actually finish a drawing, and add a background. But this one I did finish, when a storm hit Denmark.

Taka and Mufasa stargazing, in their younger year.
But hopefully you can see that, without help.

03:56 Fri 11/1/2013
Wonderful picture! I do love to see all these different Taka+Muffy interactions and this picture has got to be one of my favorites! I love everything about it, the expressions the poses, the background it magnificent. Taka looks a little worried there. I sometimes find it quite hard to but all my effort in finishing a picture too.

14:25 Sat 11/2/2013
Beautiful picture! I love seeing cubby Taka and Muffy when they used to get along <3 They look adorable here, especially little Taka's worried expression ^^

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