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  • 17:50 Tue 10/15/2013
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Late that night, after the tragedy in the gorge and Scar’s ascension, Sarabi stood watching the sky. As the suffocating feeling of despair whelmed up inside her, she felt a gentle touch. Zazu placed his wing on her shoulder, in an attempt to provide her with a tiny bit of comfort, and with his gesture, Sarabi spoke aloud the question she had been repeating in her mind.

“Mufasa once told me that the great kings of the past watch over us from the stars. My little Simba will never be king now – is that why there is only one new star?”

Zazu, the one who had spent the most time with her mate and son, didn’t have an answer.


Fairly depressing picture... Life gets rough sometimes. Also, I hate drawing Zazu.

17:59 Tue 10/15/2013
Sukala A.P.
Poor Sarabi. :( Zazu is still so sweet. :) Hey, you uploaded a new picture! Been a while that you didn't uploaded! I would like to see more from you, Sunny! :D

18:04 Tue 10/15/2013
Sun Rei
Aww, thank you! I wanted to show him mourning with her and trying to provide her with some comfort, instead of just being one of the comic-relief characters from the movie. I find him really hard to draw though.

I've been dealing with a lot of things right now, so I've been pretty exhausted (physically and mentally), but hopefully I'll be able to work on some art again soon. It felt nice to draw today, I've missed that a lot.

Thanks for your nice comment, Sukala! <3

22:23 Tue 10/15/2013
What an interesting thought - where IS Simba's star? =3 I really like this picture and the concept. Good job!

08:01 Wed 10/16/2013
Sun Rei
Thanks Gray! I've always enjoyed drawing scenes that weren't shown during the movies, but I believe might have happened. It helps me understand the characters better in a way. :)

00:22 Mon 10/28/2013
Oh Sunny, this picture is just PERFECT! Zazu's expression is spot on and you can see in his eyes the despair he feels at not being able to give her the answer she wants/needs, while being torn himself with his own sense of grief and loss, but needing to be brave and strong for the Queen.

Sarabi herself is perfect, still so noble and regal, but bowed and helpless against her grief.
This picture is just stunning, stunning! xx

14:45 Mon 12/30/2013
Sun Rei
Oh hun, I'm so sorry I forgot to check my picture comments and you've left me such lovely ones! Thank you for your heart felt words, they really mean a lot!

I really wanted to portray how difficult that first evening must have been for both of them. Thanks dearie! <3

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