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  • 00:05 Thu 7/18/2013
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What if it was in fact Mufasa that set up Scar, the king of the Pridelands? What if Mufasa brainwashed the hyenas? What if it was baby Kovu on that branch?

Scar, running through the horde of wildebeest. (There's no wildebeest. I know.)
I used the movie as a reference, but I'm computer illiterate and don't know how to screenshot the exact frame I used. All you die hard tlk movie goers should recognize it.

Apologies I don't have time to color it. I have a big project to finish.

10:29 Thu 7/25/2013
That's okey you didn't have time to colour it, but I like this very much already! You can clearly see his fear of losing his son! An facial expression and body language say so much even without words! =) Good luck in the contest ^^

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