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  • 05:57 Sun 7/7/2013
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So.. I had a moment of I-don't-know-what-to-do, and someone - ~Kiara-Disney - suggested that I drew Kovu and Kiara in this position [link] .
Me not knowing what to do, did it. And this is the pink overly lovely outcome. As adults though, instead of cubs.

While drawing, I were listening to the most romantic song ever. Whiskey in the jar. There you go.

And look! I gave it a background! .. Kinda..

12:33 Mon 7/8/2013
D'aww this is absolutely adorable x3 great work!

14:47 Tue 7/9/2013
omg.... instantfavlisting you now!!

00:31 Sun 3/16/2014
Lady Aphrodite
OMG.... this is the BEST Kovu x Kiara love thingy ive seen!!!! *FAVES!* keep em coming, friend. :D

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