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Did this on sketcher with Kuna and Doodledaydream/Penda

I tried to make it better, but I think I made it blurry :(

I think it's so funny how Kiree and Penda look like their parents, and inheriting some of their features! XD

08:35 Wed 4/24/2013
thanks for the collab and actually doing it :)
btw it looks pixle-y on my screen, not that much blurry... but you uploaded it some way ;)

edit: im just saying it looks pixle-y here, maybe it's blurry to you.
and it was a really big collab (you just cut it's size down by using whatever you used, i just uploaded like it was until TLKFAA resized it), you two really need to cut down on drawing so big... but thats my opinion, if we draw just a bit smaller we can finish quicker and it wouldnt be so annoying to erase XD

03:57 Wed 4/24/2013
Oh... still. I think I'll re upload it later. But sadly, it will be pretty small <.>;;;

You and Penda say to draw small, but to be honnest... this time it was TOO small X3

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