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  • 17:31 Fri 4/19/2013
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  • 10 Fans Kiree
It took me a while, but I now have 10 fans!
Thank you, to you all!!! *free hugs* :D
I'll do my best to upload some good art! ^^
Also, recently... I've noticed that I keep coloring in Kiree's ears... normally they r white...

18:34 Fri 4/19/2013
Only ten fans? Wow! You need more! I will add to that pile! *favs you* YAY! Now im a fan! *steals a free hug*

01:37 Sat 4/20/2013
Heehee! Yeh, this is great! I got 3 new fans over night! Crazy X3
But I can't complain! This so makes up for me being ill all this time ^^ Thank you so much for your kindness! :D

07:30 Sat 4/20/2013
Yay congratulations sis! You deserve them all and more! *confetti shower* :D

08:10 Sat 4/20/2013
*is hugged*
you deserve them, but you need so many more fans by now :D
and im proud to be a fan, keep it up, and i'll look forward to more of your great art ^^

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