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A new character I've made up called Jamila:- 'Beautiful'.

My sister (Penda/Doodledaydream) and I have been thinking how she would be like as a character.

We have characters called Kojo and Delila. She WAS going to be Kojo's little sister. But it seemed more realistic for her to be Delila's little sister. Doodledaydream have done some great story boards today :D

12:47 Tue 4/9/2013
Love your choice of colours for her! Shs such a cutie! Might have draw some of those storyboards up when i get my tablet back :D

12:12 Sat 4/13/2013
Yeh, that would be cool, that way people will know what I'm talking about lol X3

Thank for the comment! ^^

13:21 Tue 4/9/2013
she certainly is cute

12:11 Sat 4/13/2013
Thank you ^^

09:35 Sun 4/14/2013
i didnt know Doodle was your sister. well nice to know ;)

anyway nice character design :D

10:41 Sun 4/14/2013
Well, she isn't really my sister... she's my best friend, but our characters Penda and Kiree r sisters ;)

And thank you! :D

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