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  • 09:00 Sat 9/15/2012
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Sarabi and Sarafina being younger, and at the early stages of their friendship...Sarabi still abit annoyed by the fact that Zira is left out because of her and her mothers rank in the pride...and the suger sweet Sarafina seems almost too much...but no matter how cold Sarabi is towards her Sarafina stays cheerful and sweet. As time goes by and both becomes stronger hunters their bond grows stronger too...Sarabi still miss Zira but her new bestfriends makes her life brighter, the tecnique they developed durring the hunt...they where the ultimate duo.

12:33 Sat 9/15/2012
Aww, I like your story, how you've made Sarabi so compassionate towards Zira - it seems like most everybody is so quick to hate her. And Sarafina is just too cute and cheery =DDD
Love this pic!

12:53 Sat 9/15/2012
il ove how you do your lines :)

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