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  • 19:03 Sun 9/9/2012
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Random sketch of the eleventh reincarnation of the Doctor as a lion. I was not planning on something like this being my first post, but as my computer has died, this is what I've got. I gave him a large nose and a big square jaw, as that is what Matt Smith is like, and of course his fez, bow tie, and his sonic screwdriver. The lion king style is, and probably always will bem one of my favorite styles of art, and it is alot of fun to draw in the style. I had alot of fun with this picture, and I hope people enjoy.

05:23 Fri 9/14/2012
Aha this is brilliant! :D
Im telling you Doctor Who is taking over TLKFAA 8D <3 Love this
Really well done :B

20:30 Thu 9/27/2012
Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, I am extremely proud of how it turned out. Warning, the rest might not be nearly as good X3 And its great to see other Doctor fans :)

05:23 Fri 9/14/2012
It looks fantastic! :D

20:30 Thu 9/27/2012
Thanks! :D

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