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  • 07:12 Sun 9/9/2012
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Just letting you know what my work of him or most of my art in general is not for you to just use without asking me. lf you think im strict, sorry but thats my rules.
And yes i know l cannot control the hole internet from this, those i can, i will.

so look, comment and favore, but do NOT touch without asking!

13:40 Sun 9/9/2012
may i set this picture as my wallpaper:/?

19:50 Sun 9/9/2012
yes you can

06:29 Mon 9/10/2012
this is incredible!! love the pose <3

any hints on how long you have been drawing lions? :)

20:40 Mon 9/10/2012
DEATH TO ALL ART THIEVES. at least the ones who do it on purpose. hmph. this is beautiful by the way :) i love the mane, it really catches the eye.

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