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  • 22:19 Tue 8/14/2012
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"If only, if only" the woodpecker sighs,
"the bark on this tree was softer...."
the wolf waits below, howling to the moon!
If only, if only..."
~Holes, Louis Sachar

So, this started out as a perspective/pose test but evolved into a... well, everything practice. I learned two things from this piece:
1) I am much better at night scenes than day
2) Although I still can't draw rocks, I can draw trees

(Critique contest: O.O I tied for 3rd?!?!?! with Blazing_Black_Mage?!?!?! Thank you soooo much guys!!!!)

22:23 Tue 8/14/2012
not only are you good at night scenes and trees, you are very excelent at anatomy and proportion & perspective :D the view of the lion is awesome :D

22:39 Tue 8/14/2012
XD thanks Marigold =^_^=

23:32 Tue 8/14/2012
Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic! And I love that song, and Holes :D I find myself singing it sometimes XD but I do the version that rhymes in English.

09:03 Wed 8/15/2012
Yeah, I always preferred the book version of the poem (probably because I read the book first and am sentimental like that) but it's fun to sing along with :)

00:53 Wed 8/15/2012
love the perspective! you get better and better every time i se your pictures! PS i love this movie slash mini song XD <3

09:04 Wed 8/15/2012
XD Thanks, I hope I keep getting better!

02:26 Wed 8/15/2012
I loved that book and movie XD and this picture is excellent, I love the perspective and colour!

09:06 Wed 8/15/2012
Thank you ^_^ I was trying to do a pose you don't generally see around the 'archive.

10:54 Wed 8/15/2012
Love that book! And this pic is frickin' awesome :D


Edit: We just be speakin' the truth ;)

09:06 Wed 8/15/2012
You guys are way too nice =^^=

04:27 Thu 8/16/2012
Amazing perspective! Your anatomy is SPOT ON! Wonderful job!

09:42 Thu 8/16/2012
Aw, thank you Spiderlash =^^=

01:35 Mon 8/27/2012
T-Th-Th-That's AMAZING!! I LOVE this! *fav fav fav* how did you...? The perspective...I'm...No words can express it... Just downright Amazing. O.o <3

08:59 Mon 8/27/2012
Hey Amber! ^_^
Thanks =^_^= I wanted to do a more interesting pose than the usual side view etc. I worked really hard on it, so I'm glad you all think it turned out okay!

22:22 Wed 8/29/2012
YAYY for Butt perspective!! 8D This is very nice one of your best!!!

23:05 Wed 8/29/2012
XD thanks! I'm pretty proud of this one ^_^

16:43 Mon 9/3/2012
A very great picture. The perspective is absolutely wonderful! I would suggest trying to play a bit more with 'natural' lighting, remember which direction your lighting source is coming from.

16:53 Mon 9/3/2012
That is exactly what a friend of mine told me ^_^ The lighting on the bum and hind legs was uncertain, so I'm glad that I got some feedback on how to do better next time!

17:41 Tue 9/4/2012
Wow, this is absolutely incredible! I LOVE the perspective you used! Kivuli looks awesome and the night scene is EPIC! *faves*

*EDIT FOR THE CONTEST* Okay, you already know that I am super-completely-and-totally in love with this picture - I wouldn't change a thing! It's beautiful <3
Sorry, I guess that wasn't much of a critique, now was it? XD

*EDIT* Well... okay...
I had to look really hard but I finally found a spot on her back right leg where the shading didn't seem quite right, and I agree that parts of the grass could be darker.
But I still wouldn't change a thing XD
There, I did it! Happy now? XD
Honestly Willow, this is an incredible picture, I love love LOVE it!
P.S. I'm sorry, I tried XD

*EDIT* Yeah, that's kinda what I was seeing - but other than that, the picture is PERFECT!!8DDD

17:20 Tue 9/4/2012
Aw, thanks TSW =^^=
Contest Edit: XD I'm sure if you got nit-picky you could do it! Come on, I can take it! Lay it on me >:D
ReEdit: Yay! :D See? I knew you could do it XD
Yeah, a friend I had look at it told me it looked like light was coming from 3 places on the right side, including one behind the viewer's head dropping unnecessary light on the back of her legs...

23:06 Tue 10/23/2012
I love the action in this picture, and you did a beautiful job on the shading! the line of sight travels amazingly from the lion to the tree to the moon, omg wow it's just so awesome xD

09:19 Wed 10/24/2012
Aw, thank you =^_^=
I know that the shading and stuff could use some work, but I still feel that this is one of the better of the pieces I've done :D

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