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This rock reminded him of home in a way, it was the only thing standing out for miles in the middle of the dessert and its smooth warm surface felt like the the surface of the stone his mother used to sleep on back home.
That's probably the reason I stopped here Simba thought.
He had been running all day and was absolutely exhausted, And now he was faced with a huge decision. Simba could feel how the air was gradually getting colder and he knew night was almost upon him. He could either stay here at this rock that felt so comforting to him and sleep and pray he wouldn't die from over cooling during the night, Or he could keep on running try to keep him self warm and hope that he wouldn't die from exhaustion.


22:37 Mon 5/28/2012
soooooooooo amazing. XD

12:11 Tue 6/5/2012
This is very well done! I like your use of color - you've made the whole scene look like a fiery inferno (which must be what Simba feels like he's in) but you've still maintained the desert look. Very nice! =)

03:23 Wed 6/20/2012
beautiful work! i love the use of colors and the watercolor like look

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