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  • 09:32 Sat 3/17/2012
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A character I came up with some time ago, his name is Kojo and is a 'villain', through he really likes Kiree, I personally don't thinks she's the one for him ^.^;;

03:05 Thu 12/6/2012
I don't know, they might be a good match. He seems like the "don't bug me" selfish type and Kiree seems like the friendly happy-go-lucky type. Opposites attract right? XD well, an interesting thought.

12:16 Sat 4/13/2013
Yeh, I guess so, there is this fem-cub that almost looks like Zara. Called Delila. She seems to have the hots for him, and the funny thing is, he's not at all bothered by her. X3 So I like to keep the whole thing of Kijo being a bit of a 'creep' towards Kiree, and maybe when he matures, he'll make a nice match for Kiree ;D

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