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first picture here.
normally work with deviantart so don't hate me for doing things wrong. D:

anyway, first attempt at drawing felines~ :D
i think he's gonna be my first TLK oc. :3
any name suggestions?

art (c) savannahechelon / savannahechelon (dA)

05:50 Fri 12/23/2011
Butterfly Lion
Welcome to the archive! I love this guys markings. As for names, in these pictures I think he looks quite quiet or shy, so:
Utulivu - Quiet
Aibu - Shy
Just some suggestions :)

06:33 Fri 12/23/2011
Ill shot with random name Raru XD If you want some name with meaning then here :D Have fun XD

15:22 Fri 12/23/2011
He's cute, what species is he? Awesome job, especially as your first time!

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