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Siri: "My mother told me the great Kings of the past are up there... looking down on us."
Nuka: "Really?"
Siri: "Yeah!"
Nuka: "Heh! You're so wierd!"
Siri: "It's true!"
Nuka: "So all the Kings before my father are watching us?"
Siri: "Yeah! My father is up there with him too! It's kinda cool, 'cause I know he's always there, looking down on me..."
Nuka: " uncle Mufasa is up there? ...My father told me he was a terrible King."
Siri: "Really? My mother said Mufasa was a great King. She doesn't seem to like your father very much, none of the lionesses do."
Nuka: "But that doesn't mean we can't be friends... right?!"
Siri: "Heh - heh, right!"

The story of these two will unfold soon..

01:57 Mon 12/19/2011
really cool! can't wait to see more. i love the lighting

18:11 Tue 12/20/2011
Nice drawing, what program did you use?:)

20:11 Mon 12/26/2011
Thank you. I use regular MS Paint to draw and fill in the basic colour, and then I use a program called PhotoImpact 12 to add special effects.

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