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asdfg; been working on this picture on and off since last year I believe, though it definitely doesn't show. xD It was going to be a full picture..anyways, an apology for being so inactive before on here. Starting over fresh now, though. Character was originally made by Edward_Elric as part of a trade quite awhile ago. ^^; Might not post 'im much since he's technically a tiger, but any name suggestions?

21:38 Fri 11/18/2011
lol i looked at this and was like oh man this person is good. then i saw my name in your description haha! i was like woah!
he looks super cool in your style. like i said, your art is awesome!

21:44 Fri 11/18/2011
Oh wow, thank you! :) And yep, just went through a name change haha. And ditto to you as well.

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