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I am pretty sure this is the first digital TLK piece I have done. I have many more sketches I will eventually put in with digitally done. This is Kiara. One of my favorite characters, the other is Vitani. I have referenced this from a pose in the movie.

06:54 Sat 10/1/2011
Phinia Black
you should delete this pic from your gallery, and don´t use screen shot next time. or admin will delete your all gallery.

its copyied from tlk2 movie.

edit: its totally like in movie. totally. and that´s not fanart.
and u have to say it´s referenced from movie.

oh let it be... sorry i have been rude... but i orly dont like "artist" with pics are all copied from a movie...<_>" sorry...

that would be nice ^^ :3

10:46 Sat 10/1/2011
What? Just because it's a pose in a movie? What's wrong with that? It's still completely 100% drawn by me. You can't have something just because it's reference from something in the movie? That's a pain. :/

I dont' see why it can't be fan art just because it is referenced from the movie but whatever. I also never said it wasnt like in the movie. I actually said myself it is a pose from a movie. I still (in my opinion) would believe it to be fanart, vie I drew it myself in my own way for a character I am a fan of, even if it is a pose from the movie. I can say it was referenced to the movie.

Hey I understand, It was only the first one I've ever done, and I like references. So I'd use movie references since it's all I've got. Though I could change things up to make it more original with more works.

Hehe Then I shall try next time :3

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