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A very rough and general idea for a Shadow Walker character I'd love for Classics to approve.
I know your species are supposed to be very similar to lions, in that they would have regular paws and no horns or strange features but I was inspired while drawing and this came out. I won't be offended if he's not approved but I'll keep him either way.

21:37 Thu 6/30/2011
Eh. Why not? There's bound to be a couple rare strange mutation/exotics out there. And it looks pretty damn cool! XD
Have at 'im! Approved. lool

21:43 Thu 6/30/2011
Sadie J
Omgosh! Thank you! I'm so stoked! I'll be putting
Shadow Walker Species (c) Classics
on every picture no worries. :)
Thanks again!

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