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  • Lion King
  • 11:46 Fri 2/25/2011
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Nala was always the essential girly-girl to me. I tried to pink up everything in this picture. Nala's pretty pink Flower...and her pretty pink everything else.

11:58 Fri 2/25/2011
Wow.. i thought i'd never say this about pink... but its grrreeat! you should toattaly enter this in the contest!!!!!!! i'd vote over and over if i could!

12:09 Fri 2/25/2011
Kalahari Meerkat
I already entered it. Thanks. Pink is one of my favorite colors (I'm a girl) and this contest was the perfect excuse to go over kill with it. Thanks for your vote. Even your imaginary votes.

23:44 Tue 3/15/2011
I like the way you used so many different kinds of pink in this picture, the clouds, trees, grass, flower, and of course the highlights on Nala. It's like the image was immersed in a pink dye <3 Great job, and thanks for entering!

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