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  • 21:12 Thu 1/27/2011
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After watching how terrible Kiara handle her hunting, they decided to give her some tips and advice.

in my theory they way Kiara goes hunting in tlk2 is just not normal for any lions. they hunt in groups..and the theory is that i think Sarabi and Sarafina think the idea of letting Kiara hunt alone is terrible. But instead of confronting Simba and Nala they just go directly to Kiara..and how is better to trainer her than the best hunters in the pridelands?

no mean comments about the theory please..

21:25 Thu 1/27/2011
Oh I love this! :D Fantastic work!

22:27 Thu 1/27/2011
Aww. Sarabi looks really really pretty!! Nice picture:D

22:32 Thu 1/27/2011
nice picture, and I totally agree with the ladies ;)

06:36 Fri 1/28/2011
magnificent piece of art

07:58 Sat 1/29/2011
midnight tigress
i was thinking the same thing when watching the film!! awesome pic and the characters look amazing!!

14:40 Sat 1/29/2011
It could be a lesson to teach the young huntress that hunting is most successful in groups, which would teach her to be more cooperative and less independant. I love this drawing c:

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