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The moment she was born, M'kula knew that her female cub would be quiet a handful and thus named her Fitinit meaning "cause trouble". Finally got around to drawing the female cub adoptable I got from Mwokozi. ^_^ I changed her design a bit so that she would look more like M'kula's daughter and Kaa's sister. :B

This started out as a simple drawing of my newest character, but then it exploded into something more as I explored different things. X3 I know I probably should've outlined the log to make it stand out from the background more. =/ I think I'm gonna start trying to draw backgrounds more often. Can you guys please give me some tips and/or critiques?

00:33 Tue 10/26/2010
awww! shes adorable!! thanks for showin her to me! =DD
and your bg is beautiful! my only tip would be to keep up the great work! <33

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