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  • Lion King
  • 15:47 Thu 10/14/2010
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But Teacher, Simba ate my homework!

16:07 Thu 10/14/2010
Haha xD epic idea! ♥

23:20 Thu 10/14/2010
Kalahari Meerkat
Thanks. I've seen the idea done with other animals so I wanted to try Simba.

16:59 Thu 10/14/2010
Lol! I wish that idea would work!
love the pic

23:22 Thu 10/14/2010
Kalahari Meerkat
In second grade, a girl's puppy chewed up her reader and she even brought it in to show the teacher and you could see the teeth marks; so in a way her dog really did eat her homework. When my dog Foster was a pup, he got into everything he probably would have eaten a term paper or someting if he could.

00:03 Fri 10/15/2010
Neema aka Grace
Lol I wish Simba would eat my homework so I wouldn't have to do it

Awesome picture ( :

edit: Lol true. My teacher would be all like "What kind of fool do you take me for?"

23:22 Thu 10/14/2010
Kalahari Meerkat
Even if he did eat your homework, your teacher probably wouldn't believe you.

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