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It's ACEO-sized x)

Yes, I know that this idea is SO used. But I couldn't resist. So yes, I'm going to draw all members of Organisation XIII (Including Namine and Xion also. They are still like a "part" of Organisation x3). And I may draw some extras about characters like Sora, Namine and Riku. And Yuffie and Leon and Tifa and... Okay, I stop. But you get the main thing.

Why I'm doing that? Because I want to practise backgrounds and lions traditionally.

This picture is just a joke-like (it can't even call a "joke" but..).
Also part of 100-theme challenge. 21; Strange/Outo

Xemnas©Square Enix
I think I don't actually own his lion-version, but... try to draw your version more creatively than me xD It's quite easy..

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