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All: 12/13
Folder: 5/5
WOW THANKS GUYS! Ily all! There's so many of youuuuu<3

EDIT: Wtf, I got another! Thank you Milowi! XD

Thanks again because I love you! I got like 1 every day for 4 days o.O

11:17 Tue 5/18/2010
:D congratulations! you deserve all the fans! ^^
oh and, i love the pandas! xD
(sorry i can't accept it, i only accept pictures directly for me :L)
once again! congrats! *hug!*

11:55 Tue 5/18/2010
haha thank you so much! :D Ahh that's alright XDD And yes, Pandas rock!<3 *hugs back* Thank you!!

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