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Wanted to draw a picture for one of my long time buddies on here. ^_^ Haha, started as a sketch n' ended up practicing some textures/effects on it. I would've finished it but I don't have enough tiiiiime..... :(
I could only find one reference for this guy, hopefully I didn't mess up your Fursona. Hope chu like it Simba King! 8D
Drawn in AG Sketcher.... Does anybody have any tips on how to make a nose look wet when coloring?

14:07 Mon 1/18/2010
Lyall Wolf
Daw Me like :D i like the way he looks in your style, love the texture on the fether, fur, and scarLooks Grait! :D

14:37 Mon 1/18/2010
haha, hoo-ray!!! X3 I was hoping you would! hehe, thanks!! Love ya buddy!! <3!

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