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I want him sooooooooooooooooo bad! I'm working on a couple other pics but he's fricken awesome and I love drawing wraps and sand has ALWAYS been one of my fav element/thingy since cardcaptor sakura cause the sand card is awesome looking so yeah XD

EDIT: I added background ... but I think it makes the blue lines of the lined paper more obvious? XD I only did half the sunset myself too >.< the purple part is from google but I did orange-y part and the sun thing-y ... I also did the sand-y hills...

I decided if I get him I want to rename him Ahti which is Finnish for "sing the sand to pearls" .... I just thought it was pretty and kinda suiting lol

14:49 Fri 11/13/2009
Hmmm the blue notebook paper lines are's weird, but I like it....

16:02 Sat 11/14/2009
XD thanks .... I really need to stop drawing in notebooks lol

17:52 Sun 11/15/2009
congratz C: i gave him to you. Because you have put a lot of effort in the picture. awesome pose, coloring and you got even the smallest details right.

Beautiful pic <3

02:09 Mon 11/16/2009
Oh thanks so much! For the character and the comment^^ I'm honored XD I love your art and the Acherra~

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