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Simba: Wow Malka, you're really dressing up as a character from the new series? That's pretty brave! Everyone knows that card games on motorbikes is rediculous! XD

Malka: Yeah, well I got four words for you "Jaden"...

Simba: Oh yeah?

Malka: "GET YOUR GAME ON." >:|

......Contest pic. >w> The new contest got my gears working and made me all inspired- especially with the Yu-Gi-Oh 10 year anniversary going on and such. ^^

So yeah- Mufasa is Yami (aka KING OF GAMES YO), Simba is Jaden the Slifer Slacker, and Malka is Yusei- the shooting star from satellite. 8D
....5ds is my fave. X3

09:47 Sun 9/27/2009
wow ace!! i'm doing yugioh too!

15:41 Sun 9/27/2009
Nice! 8D I can't wait to see your entry too! ^w^

10:05 Sun 9/27/2009
So glad to see art from you again!! This looks fantastic^^ As always of course

15:42 Sun 9/27/2009
XD Thanks. I actually haven't been drawing much lately- just sewing and cosplay- so it was a nice change of pace to doodle again.

10:22 Sun 9/27/2009
That's cool. I should have done Yu-Gi-Oh... I loved the original series. Scar could pull off Kaiba easily... or at least Seth's father in the Ancient Egypt series. I would have gotten more comments...

But good work. Guess that's Mufasa as Yami in the background?

15:44 Sun 9/27/2009
XD Yeah, my friend and I got into a heated discussion how if Scar was Kaiba- then I'd have to have Mufasa as Grandpa, and Simba would be Yugi.... Would that make Nala Tea? O.o Oh well. XD It's more fun to have the three main characters in one pic I think.

And your OrgXIII pic is pretty good! It's a good matchup for the characters. ^^

13:37 Sun 9/27/2009
cool!! omygosh Sami youre back!!! :DDDD great entry too btw :) i hope you win!!

15:44 Sun 9/27/2009
XD Thanks so much!

23:19 Sun 9/27/2009
Awesome to see an upload from you Sami, even if I don't really get it. C'x It's still pretty.

01:05 Mon 9/28/2009
Orca Owl
Awesome! :D

19:11 Mon 9/28/2009
aww man now youll win D=
aww now im just being a spoil sport, sorry XD but your entry is just so good! XD i'm sure you'll get a great place, best of luck, its adorable ;)

18:52 Thu 10/1/2009
Awesome!! =D

07:02 Mon 10/5/2009
DJ Past
I <3 Yu-Gi-Oh

Yes, 5d's is the best >:D

I hope this wins.

14:23 Wed 10/7/2009
There are no words... I think people here have told all about this pic for me)) So... The only what I can say... LOVE YOUR WORKS! ^^

17:50 Wed 10/7/2009
I just love Mufasa's look! ^^

09:28 Sun 10/11/2009
Congrats on winning! :D

12:19 Sun 10/11/2009
Brilliant picture :D

13:33 Wed 11/4/2009
HA!! Excellent Pic! Wonderfully well drawn, and extremely creative!! AWESOME WORK SAMI!!!!! ;-)

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