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  • 00:03 Thu 8/6/2009
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These are two season-themed ligers, each with a Japanese Kanji on their sides standing for their seasons. Autumn and Winter.

Winter: A young teen liger, a grapefruite on his necklace and a mint-green collar. He also has a white scarf.

Autumn: A liger cub with an apple on her necklace. Her collar is an odd blue collar.

Comment on why you want them, and one can adopt both. You must draw them after you get them, and name them. Okay? Thank you.

PS: Their markings are identical on both sides, and Autumn has a scar on the eye opposite to the visible. :)
Adopted by: Lady_Alora
EDIT: Omfg, I forgot... I ref'd Autumn's head from a random sketch I found... XD

16:37 Thu 8/6/2009
=) hello there, I applied for these two up on the TT <3 I would like them because first they're my favorite seasons XD and second because I love their designs and they look like a fun and interesting pair to draw and play around with random stories of them fitting into a rouge lifestyle =)

edit: will do =) and thank you =3 I'll try to doodle a picture of them when I get back from band practice so I can send it to you =) <3

16:41 Thu 8/6/2009
Hello! That's great, you can have them!

Just a few things, though;
Make sure you name them,
And send the first picture of them that you draw please.

Oh, and make sure you draw the Japanese Kanji.

EDIT: Great! Thanks, take good care of them.

02:17 Fri 8/7/2009
Hey, they're interesting guys! :D And they suit each other. Your idea about these season cubs was nice. ^__^

09:36 Fri 8/7/2009
Thank you very much ^^
To have a comment from such a great artist is like... :D

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