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  • 14:59 Wed 7/29/2009
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My first submission here :)
Hope you all enjoy<33

Levon and art (c) me

14:38 Thu 7/30/2009
Very cool first upload! I love real media! I can't do real media for crap... maybe i should start practicing! ha

15:11 Thu 7/30/2009
That's beautiful! Amazing first upload! I hope you put up some more art like that soon!

15:22 Thu 7/30/2009
Orca Owl
Very awesome~

10:33 Mon 11/16/2009
thank you X3~

15:24 Thu 7/30/2009
This is VERY impressive! Golly, I've been on this site for three years and have been drawing for a lot longer, and you just made me look piddly in comparison. This is great. I love your style and the way you handle the design and the coloring. This is quality stuff you got here.
Welcome to my list of favorite artists!

10:33 Mon 11/16/2009
O///O thank you very much.

15:31 Thu 7/30/2009
Welcome to the Archive! I'm impressed, your skills with real media are very refined! I'd love to see some more of your art.

10:31 Mon 11/16/2009
ah htanks so much X/3!

16:23 Thu 7/30/2009
Welcome to the Archive, sdark391! I hope to catch you in Sketcher after you upload your five pictures required. Maybe we can do an art trade sometime too! ^3^

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It is TRULY incredible, sdark! And in traditional art too...I do really love traditional art!

10:31 Mon 11/16/2009
ah i hope to be there sumtime as well : > I wouldn't mind doing one wiht you ^ v ^

Oh htnaks >/v/< and yes i really love traditional so much<33

17:28 Thu 7/30/2009
Celestiania Rhapsodos
This is gorgeous! Truly fantastic, and I cannot WAIT for more!

10:28 Mon 11/16/2009
oh thank you o/v/o

17:55 Thu 7/30/2009
WOT WOT???? A submission from SD?! YUR A LYIN....-noogie noogie- S'bout time ya got some happies up! :D

And might I say, this one is quite gawrguz! <33

10:27 Mon 11/16/2009
>//v/< !~ Yea i really need to get more pictures up here D: > And thanks so much<333~

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