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  • 03:30 Sat 7/25/2009
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  • cute flavour
this is one of my charactors she is called banana she is full of flavour and she is my first picture on the website so plz comment xx

11:23 Thu 7/30/2009
ohhhh.... she's cool! ^^ I love how her muzzle is two different colors!

Welcome to the archive! It'll be fun having you here! I'm a new artist too!( i've been in here for a month ) Hope you enjoy your stay! ^^

13:58 Thu 7/30/2009
Nice! Luv her colouring the flashes of yellow in her make her really eye-catching!! I will be sure to comment on your future works so keep it up! (you have yourself a fan!!) Hope you enjoy your time on the archive!

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