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  • Canon TLK/TLG Art
  • 17:41 Mon 6/8/2009
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  • Zazu


OMG! I made Canon art!! XD
This Zazu I drew is destined for a group collab along with the other TLK characters with some friends.
The reason for this is because on June 24 will be The Lion King's 15th anniversary! and this is our way to celebrate it ;)

I can't wait to see the finished collab.
(btw, I didn't shade it because we decided not to have a light source for the characters)

12:01 Tue 6/9/2009
King Simba
Lol, so you did upload just had to be approved before anyone could see it.

I must say this is a really nice attempt at Zazu though, like I said on Lea. Awesome job with this. :)

Now get on with my trade! *cracks whip* xD

14:23 Tue 6/9/2009
Lol yeah, I saw that you uploaded yours so I said "why not". I could really use that auto-approval thing x)
And thanks, it's the first time I draw him ^^

...GAH!! ok ok, on with the trade xD

03:29 Wed 6/10/2009
You did a good job drawing Zazu. He's fun to draw isn't he? I think so.

19:02 Wed 6/10/2009
Thanks ^^
He's fun to draw indeed, with his kind of expressions and all. I just wish I had more drawing time

05:38 Wed 6/10/2009
Wow great job Leor! Zazu is so hard to get right! And you drew him so perfect :) Oooo I can't wait to see the end product of this collab! It'll be amazing :)

19:08 Wed 6/10/2009
Thanks Loui!
The eyebrows were a pain to get right XD, but other than that, he's not so hard to draw, it's easier if you have a bunch of reference pictures ;)

23:33 Wed 6/10/2009
I still gotta draw Zazu one day, great work Leor ^^

02:38 Thu 6/11/2009
Thanks Mgeni ^^
yeah, you should try it, hehe

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