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  • 05:22 Thu 2/19/2009
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uru and taka ....
i forgot to tell the reason taka is crying is couse he just found out that he will not the king...uru are crying couse he is so upset..efc

05:47 Thu 2/19/2009
The Only T
OMG that is so good!!!! u drew uru and Taka perfectly!!!!

06:40 Thu 2/19/2009
you? eeeeeeeeh 8DDDD *runs around like a little child*
wooooow this looks really fantastic! absolutely love everything you have done here, starting from the outlines, continuing with the coloring, ending with the shading...
and awesome expressions c:
and the atmosphere... i dont know why they are crying.. hmm.. did taka just got his scar?
and those tears are so... looking so real
really, this one is amazing looking, and awesome to see some more stuff from youuuu :DDDD

15:25 Thu 2/19/2009
hmmm.. could be about his Scar maybe not.. maybe something bad happened to Taka.. (not necessarily the Scar but maybe he got teased or yelled at by somebody) I dunno..

and those somebodies would not be Muffy or Ahadi :p

16:10 Thu 2/19/2009
Wow, I love the emotion here. But why is Uru crying? Maybe he ... got into a fight with his father and Uru sided with him, and maybe his father gave him his scar and Uru blames herself. Im not exactly sure who his father is though :P

22:41 Fri 2/20/2009
Poor Taka...
I really like how you drew him and Uru! I hope you will draw them again and again, I really like their mom - cub relationship! <3

08:16 Sat 2/28/2009
So beautiful and sad ! You made perfectly the expressions and tears. Congrats !

05:58 Fri 10/16/2009
beautiful pic, my friend :)

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