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This takes place after cub Simba escapes from the hyenas and wanders off in the desert.
Then he collapses, and he probably has lots of nightmares / hallucinations about all the shocking things he saw.

Anatomy is all wrong on purpose ;-) because it's nightmare anatomy. It's focus on what Simba is remembering from the last days : Mostly the fear of the hyena mouth and teeths, Zazu being annoying while the cubs where riding on the ostrichs, Mufasa and Nala shouting for help, the wildebeest attack, Scar being all indifferent after his brother's death etc...

11:47 Tue 1/20/2009
Wow. An interesting idea and an excellent execution of said idea. I like how Zazu has a stretchy neck.

14:14 Tue 1/20/2009
This is a really awesome use of a different style.

16:27 Tue 1/20/2009
Whoa, thats fantastic, its so different, then again your drawings have always been refreshingly different, Excellent addition to your fantastic gallery

19:02 Tue 1/20/2009
i agree with what everyone else has said, fantastic job! *faving*

10:26 Fri 5/15/2009
oh my! outstanding, simply outstanding :) this is a true masterpiece by own right :)

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