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  • 15:57 Sun 8/31/2008
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A lot's on my mind. I'm hoping to upload characters i made resembling people in my life, i've drawn them, but not on the computer ((plus my scanner isnt working yet)) Plus i've graduated 6th, YAY!! im a sevey!

Anyways, here's a lil' cub practicing her hunting skills.

16:13 Sun 8/31/2008
Ahhh! A sevie!
:D That's an awesome picture.

I'm a freshmen. *grins proudly*

16:49 Sun 8/31/2008
Oops, spelled it wrong. Lol, yup being a sevie is pretty fun! I met some new ppl im probally going to turn into lions XD. Thanks Mouse! And Congrats! My sister is too!

17:08 Sun 8/31/2008
XD Congrats on 6th grad. ^^ I'm a freshmen in collage this year. *ish proud*

Anyway, awesomness on the pic Hawaii. XD That cub is sooo cute. <3

20:20 Fri 9/5/2008
Thanks sooo much Firestar! Wow congrats on college! My sis is in highschool ((gettin mixed up on the names)) THANKS!

15:26 Sat 10/25/2008
hey thats great! btw im an 8th grader now *grins* (beware of the sevey slap)

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