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  • 22:43 Tue 8/12/2008
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"I told you, I followed a lion-"
"Followed a lion?" Shenzi asked, sitting down, looking very unimpressed with the young lioness. "In here?"
"Yes." Zira snapped. "I told you he-"
"Such a liar. What should we do with her Shenzi?" Banzai asked, grinning wide.

I don't think Scar told anyone about his alliance with the hyenas. Zira, obsessed as ever, followed him one day and found herself face to face with the main trio. Also, she's not full grown here. I don't think she's as old as Scar, but older than Simba.

22:55 Tue 8/12/2008
Tus, stop getting so good DX I adore Banzai here! They all look amazing. This new inking style of yours is just amazing, really makes your pictures pop out!

23:00 Tue 8/12/2008
Thank you Killy <3<3<3<3

22:57 Tue 8/12/2008
You know, your art really has improved since even I first saw your stuff on this site. The backgrounds, the shading, the handling of the lines, it's all so wonderful.

As for this particular picture, I really love the perspective you put on Banzai's head, and Ed looks evilly crazy. I think the only thing "negative" I could say is that Zira looks a little too stocky for my view of her, but that's really more a matter of opinion, especially since you're showing her as being a bit younger.

Lovely pic :3

23:02 Tue 8/12/2008
Thank you Fox, that really means a lot to me.

Banzai is my favorite part of the picture xD And yeah she does, I was looking at it, thinking that but didn't change it cause I figured both shes younger, and she's got a healthy diet unlike she does in SP

Thank you!

01:50 Wed 8/13/2008
Senshido S.
Wow, such amazing pics lately TUS! Such improvement. :D The hyenas look awesome, and I love the individual expressions. I love it! <3

15:46 Wed 8/13/2008
Thank you! :D

03:19 Wed 8/13/2008
Looks like Zira's already started lifting her paw, maybe Shenzi should start thinking about moving aside. We all know what Zira's like. XD And Ed looks even more rabid than usual! Cool pic! I very rarely take Zira's side, but this time I kinda hope she WHACKS them one. >8D

15:48 Wed 8/13/2008
Ed says "FOOOD" Ahaha Yes, Zira is a fiesty one :E Maybe Scar will come to the rescue. Or sit there and watching going "Why she she always following me 8|" Thanks!

04:46 Wed 8/13/2008
ah, slow down! You're improving too much with every single picture you upload and we're all getting left behind D8 XD wonderful picture, I like this theory :)
and seriously ... you should be a writer ._. I love that little story, it goes with the picture extremely well. You never cease to impress me. <3

15:48 Wed 8/13/2008
Awe thank you <3 The writer comment means a whole lot to me (: Thank you!

13:01 Wed 8/13/2008
I like it a lot. You draw hyenas pretty well, do it more! :D

15:49 Wed 8/13/2008
Thanks :D They were fun to draw, I've always liked their designs even if they aren't true to real hyena looks x3

23:22 Wed 8/13/2008
Me like! I love all their appearances! But as for some concrit, Ed looks a little... "more focused" than usual, it's like if you first saw him you wouldn't know about his..."condition".

But still, an awesome pic! Glad to finally see more hyena stuff being brought on here.

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