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Moson's Story

Comic Strip 12

The story of Nora's cubs and their life after their mother's death in a Pride that is slowly losing it's fight for it's right to survive.

(Timitu's Message: You may want to go back and read the others again to get caught up on the story. Next strip will be posted two weeks from today.)

22:16 Tue 7/15/2008
You tease! you tease us by not telling us what's up yet!... you're enjoying keeping us hanging on this one aren't you? >;P

You know though, I never knew Zee had the extra lock of dark mane at the back of his head, and interesting feature to him

06:54 Wed 7/16/2008
LOL. Ask anyone who knows me in RL knows I am a good one for leaving people hanging.

Ya Zee's mane is sort of a mix between Scars and Simbas. The top part that would show on Simba's is the light colour and the backwards part like scars is the same colour as the rest of his mane. :)

EDIT: Ahh I got mixed up... on my own character. Shows how much I draw him anymore. No Like it is shown in the picture Zee's darker hair is on top and at the front as well. Only front light parts is the part at the sides. But since it is rearly shown in pictures, this is a good look at how the back of him would look. :)

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