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  • 2008
  • 21:26 Wed 3/12/2008
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Perhaps Danny as a lion could have a good part in my story. :) Well when him and Nora were first created he was supposed to be Nora's mate. But don't these two just fit so much better. Who better to be a mate of Danny then Nora and Levar's only daughter. We will just have to see what happens. :)

21:44 Wed 3/12/2008
au revoir
aww thats cute!

21:00 Wed 4/2/2008
Thank you. I am thinking they look pritty good together.

14:25 Thu 3/13/2008
This is really an interesting thought! I do like the idea! :) Leonette looks soooo cute here & Danny looks great, too! *faves*

By the way, I got the icon now! Thank you so much for uploading it again! *hugs* =)

21:02 Wed 4/2/2008
Your welcome. It love doing them. Thought it would only be worth it to put them up again for thoese that missed it.

It is a neat idea. I am playing with it in my head and thinking. It wont be for a while that I get to this part in the story so lots of time to think. :) They do look good together.

17:14 Thu 3/13/2008
omg sooo cute

21:02 Wed 4/2/2008
They are too. I love these two.

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