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Moson's Story

Comic Strip 9

The story of Nora's cubs and their life after their mother's death in a Pride that is slowly losing it's fight for it's right to survive.

( Timitu's Message: Sorry this one is a day late. I had a pet emergency to attend to yesterday so I had to finish this today. Now if everything can quiet down for a bit I can get back to the Secret Santa stuff. (Less then a week to sign up so if you want to and have not already this is my last warning to everyone. Go to the link below and read the whole first post before you either sign up or e-mail me your information.)

20:06 Tue 11/27/2007
Twin spartans
I don't get it, but I love IT!!! it looks like screen shots that you would see from any of the three movies. :D

20:12 Tue 11/27/2007
Well to understand it you will want to read the previous 8 of them. I am glad you like it though. :)

23:09 Wed 11/28/2007
I SEE SPRENT! *hugs cubby Sprent*

11:37 Fri 11/30/2007
aww theyre all real cute and im getting into the storyline and looking forward to the next comic ^^ youre very busy most the time from the looks of it so dont worry its not that late ! *hugs*

07:53 Sat 12/8/2007
Aww, this is cute! I prefer the full pages on DA, though, but I'm glad to see this.

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