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My half of the Trade with Hermione! :D Hopefully u like it! <:)
I didn't know what her "back-end" looked like so I just made up the markings on the tail....
Oh! And sorry for the crappy background! Xd It's was like my 1st background EVER!!
Anyhooz, I had A LOT OF FUN drawing her! X3 U have an AWESUM Fursona Hermione! XD

06:56 Tue 10/23/2007
wow omg thats so kewl! *favz*

13:52 Tue 10/23/2007
I luv u! XD Thanx 4 the fav!! :D

07:17 Wed 10/24/2007
Loony Luna
HEY!! it's ok!!!!
you arn't psychic!!! how would you get her markings right with out even seing them!?
lol XD
you did a GREAT job!!

19:07 Tue 10/23/2007
Ur welcome! ^_^
I saw the new pic u uploaded of her full body, so i'm sorry that the markings r different! <:( It was a great pic btw! ;D
Thanxs 4 the fav! X3

05:48 Mon 10/29/2007
The Dark Lady
wow, that's a lovely picture!

14:54 Mon 10/29/2007
Thanx! :D
It's was a new pose for me! Referanced from my cat! XD

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