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  • 19:43 Thu 9/20/2007
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  • butterfly Kiara
Kiara in my favorite scene with the butterfly! I finally figured out how to do rocks...sort of. I need feed back people!

12:25 Fri 9/21/2007
Great picture!! It rocks, Tabitha! :D
(But that's Kiara, actually, lol)
OK, now for some friendly feedback...
The rocks look pretty good, what with the blending and colors, but I thing priderock could be sharped on it's left side a little to make it stand out.
Don't change the rock next to Kiara, though; it's perfect.
The tree could probably be made to look a little more leafy, but the shape looks really good. :)
Great job! I hope I helped. :D
*adds pic to favorites album*

17:00 Fri 9/21/2007
Tabitha G. Andrews
Holy crap Im an IDIOT!!! I really meant to put Kiara and not Nala!!! Darn it I cant help it if all the female cubs look almost identical!!!>.< Yeah pride rock turned out to look a little odd but no matter what I tried to couldnt get it the way I wanted it. I appreciate your feedback and Im going to change her blasted name now.

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