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  • 19:16 Tue 8/7/2007
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Sarabi rushed to the cub laying on the cave floor as Zira got up and began to casually walk away. "Zira! You can't be serious!" Sarabi called after her. "You can't just abandon him!" Zira paused, her eyes narrowing sharply. "He's a weakling. And not good enough for Scar, so not good enough for me." Zira spat. Sarabi looked helpless. Scar had been a runt too. Why would he say that this cub was worthless?

Yup :| That's baby Nuka. I may do a part two, dunno..

19:32 Tue 8/7/2007
I like the strory for it TUS you should do a part 2 too it =3

19:37 Tue 8/7/2007
oooh that is a cool picture is that Zira as a cub? XD

19:39 Tue 8/7/2007
TheUnknownSoul xD thats Zira, and her cub Nuka..?

19:56 Tue 8/7/2007
The Shadings really nice in this pic, poor lil Nuka :(

02:56 Wed 8/8/2007
I like this idea a lot.

11:43 Wed 8/8/2007
mmmm very nice!! Makes total sense.

Lovely style for Zira and Sarabi, hope to see more of them, aye?
I like how you did the shading this time! Zira's design just drives me nuts though...Vezzy nice indeed!

17:04 Wed 8/8/2007
i like this. and you are probably right on the mark. there was something wrong with nuka, which is why he got passed over in favor of kovu. excellent picture. *hugz ya*

20:12 Wed 8/8/2007
AW!!!!! That's cool!!!! No wonder Nuka was always trying to prove himself to Zira......
You should make a part 2. That would be sooooooo cooooooool........
I love it, TUS. It's awesome.

12:07 Fri 8/17/2007
Hey :) This pic is very nice! I like the shadings and the colors, and the view. Gooood :)

11:07 Mon 8/20/2007
Hmm... somehow I can see that happening...

00:40 Sun 12/9/2007
*sniff* Poor baby Nuka... D:

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