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Congrats Mute Chaos! You won my contest! here are your three cubs!

18:02 Thu 6/21/2007
Aww, all three are so cute and I see you got auto-approval. Congrats

19:55 Thu 6/21/2007
lol, thnkies to u! I would have never known about it unless u had told me! No its all fast approove from here, lol

19:37 Thu 6/21/2007
mute chaos
THANKS!!! Theyre SO cute. These are from that adoptable, right? I really love them. but does the mother now also belong to me, and may i make up my own name for her? And do the cubs have specific genders?

19:57 Thu 6/21/2007
You may mmake up any names. The white one i thought couldd be a girl, the other boys, but it doesn't matter. as long as u like them! Im going to look at the pic u draw of them, im excited! I made the one on the far right look like his dad, lol. If that one lion is still his dad. Well, gtg to tryouts for swim. see ya soon! And congrats!Q

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