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  • 00:27 Wed 3/28/2007
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"Just a little, friendly competition."

One of my favorite scenes from Bambi 2 lionized. when ronno stares Bambi down while challenging him. i did Bambi before, but I always kinda see Ronno as an outlander *shrugs*

Please excuse the crappy shading job. It was rushed because I didn't want to leave it as just a blank pencil outline. and I know ronno has a cut on one of his ears. If I recall, it's on the ear you can't see in that picture.

22:12 Wed 3/28/2007
theyre so adorable, i love that movie. One of the only good sequals Disney ever made :P

05:43 Sat 3/31/2007
o wow!! i luv the expresion on bambi's face!!! so scared! cute pic!! i luv ronno

21:30 Thu 4/19/2007
Cuuuuute. x) I love your Bambi lions, they look so great (I also really like that scene)!

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