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Same lioness with a much more grown up Kovu .... not even sure why the two are in the same pic. I don't even know wwhat's going on. I think she's mocking his reign or somethin making him doubt himself *shrugs* I dunno

02:51 Wed 2/28/2007
Ooo, interesting! :o I'd love to know more about what's going on here if you ever figure out a story or anything. Lookin' good! :3

07:14 Wed 2/28/2007
Ecco Geek
You should make a fan fic on that. :D

00:16 Thu 3/1/2007
Hehe, again, she reminds me of my Heart. Heart is Kovu's cousin and hates his guts because he left the pride for Kiara. Later on in my fan fic, that is still in the process of writing, she actually kills him for the throne of Pride Rock.

22:13 Wed 3/28/2007
kovu has an awsome mane, the beard is the perfect touch. His hair in SP was too prettyboy I think.

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