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A radom evilish, lioness. Not sure where she came from. She doesn't even have a name .... yet XD oh. she is an outlander lioness, though she doesn't look like it. Her disposition od like a calm Zira of sorts

18:14 Sat 2/17/2007
this is really good! i really like the shoulderblades for some reason

06:44 Sun 2/18/2007
Audrey Cosmo
that's crazy good!!!!! :D

02:00 Mon 2/19/2007
Dragon race
she look so awesome!

12:26 Tue 2/20/2007
i love this sketch


00:13 Thu 3/1/2007
Hehe, this reminds me ALOT of my character, Heart as a teen. She too was born an Outlander, but had the Pridelander looks. If you want any help with plots or anthing, drop me an E-Mail.

19:13 Thu 3/1/2007
Ecco Geek
That's really cool! She actually looks like one of the characters I'm starting up. I'm just doing a rough draft, so I KNOW that nobody copied, I'm just saying, they both look very alike. She has narrow irises, a burn scar on her left side, a pawswipe scar on her left shoulder, a smaller burn scar on her right flank, sandy colors, and a calm, sly disposition.

"Calm Zira."
Oh yeah. I think the regular Zira is insane. XD

19:48 Thu 4/17/2008
Love it! What a great expression! I'm a huge fan of hand drawn art, especially by pencil (because i can't color worth beans) Keep it up!

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