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  • 22:24 Sat 5/27/2006
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  • Zazu


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  • xscarredonex
Because I don't do too many canon pictures I'm putting this here despite that my Onani is also in here.

Short is that I asked for suggestions back in January on what I should draw Onani doing and or with and Scarred_Cub suggested drawing him flying with Zazu.

I've had the sketch done for months and only today suddenly felt the huge urge to color it in.

Thanks for the suggestion Cubsy!

Higher quality and more info:

22:53 Sat 5/27/2006
...I love it! They both look great, nice catching the flying movements! :D

23:10 Sat 5/27/2006
Thanks! I was actually surprised that I got them looking that nice. But I always have to put credit to me being able to draw wings feathered and batlike to me drawing my own clan of gargoyles based of of Disney's Gargoyles

23:43 Sat 5/27/2006
like I said on DA, looks great ^^ You did a great job on them!

10:17 Sun 5/28/2006
nice job!

10:54 Sun 5/28/2006
Man, it's awesome! I love Zazu on this one =)

02:30 Mon 5/29/2006
Dragon race
there awesome and adorable here^__^

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