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  • Summer of 2006
  • 00:11 Sat 5/27/2006
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  • jaguar
A jaguar sleeping on a branch, made as an entrance image for my website. This was made before I attempted TLK style, which I only just started, uhm...two or three days ago. Ya, I'm a newb. So sue me.

07:35 Sat 5/27/2006
Great first pic!!! =3

21:03 Mon 5/29/2006
Aw, so cute! I like the way the cheek is resting on the paw and the dangling arm--this looks wonderful! I wish my first pictures on the archive had looked half this good. :)

You shouldn't worry about trying to do TLK style--I actually prefer the way you drew this to TLK style! It's very refreshing to see something different (not to mention well-drawn) around here.

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