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  • 19:03 Sun 10/9/2005
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A tribute to those who lost their lives in the asian tsunami, and their families. Also a tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.. x x x <3 <3 <3
(Not a great pic, but hey!)

10:13 Sat 11/26/2005
Why don't you think this is a great pic? It's very good, and emotional.

15:11 Wed 7/12/2006
ohh so sad. Thats a great picture. xxx

00:28 Wed 8/2/2006
Interesting way to do the fur. Nice water and log.

11:31 Tue 6/5/2007
Loony Luna
it's almost made me cry....i think it's touching, emotional, and reveals the truth....some people don't always understand that it's not the dead that's the living left alone....sad and stunnin all at thesame genious!!!.......xxxkittenkissesxxx hermi.x

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