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This is one of my sketches I did at church... I know it's "rude" but I was really bored! :)
Sorry if it turned out crappy...

00:50 Tue 10/4/2005
I LOVE IT!! :)

02:08 Tue 10/4/2005
Then I'm rude too *grin* Nice work!

10:56 Tue 10/4/2005
yes agreed with Kobb! lol! i doodle in church too, lol, 'salright as long as u listen ;)

13:01 Tue 10/4/2005
Queen Cheetah
Wow, Pride Rock looks really good! (I can never draw it without references...)

Haha, yeah, I remember when I used to doodle in church- but compared to my friend Meghan, that's not so bad, right? I mean, I was listening! (She started snoring...)

17:14 Thu 10/6/2005
wats rude? you said you needed help with drawing paws? e-mail me and i can give u a little help, if you like! ok,whenever you like,m just give me a little e' and i'll be right up ur street, lol (jokin) but i'll help u anyways!

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